Ask Questions


In order for me to learn more about our craft of printing I always have to ask questions. That learning is in turn passed on to our customers in the form of better products and experiences. I say this because many times it seems customers are not willing to ask questions. Some of them have done printing projects before so they know what they want, but others may have questions but for some reason will not ask. I always want to encourage people to ask questions. The Harvard Business Review did a great short article on asking better questions.

We want you to understand the process. We want you to ask questions about options. What can be done, what cannot be done. Screen printing is not the same as offset printing (business cards, flyers, posters, etc.) Understanding the differences helps the process go that much smoother and offers our customers a better experience based on expectations being set.

Finally, when you ask us questions it helps us formulate great options for your project. And at the end of the day, that is what we really want. To offer you great options to make your project the best that it can be, thus making you and your brand look awesome!

Brian NeSmith
Thread Zone

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