Tech Shirts in Florida

Pictured: Sport Tek

Pictured: Sport Tek

Summer is here in Florida. Well actually summer has been here since April. Everyone knows Florida is hot. Everyone knows Florida has humidity. But does everyone know the best apparel to wear in those conditions? Yes, it could be a cotton t-shirt, but with advances in fabric technology other options make more sense. The best option is to wear a moisture wicking fabric. These fabrics are designed to keep you cooler and many of them have a UPF rating to protect your skin from excess sun exposure. The days of 100% polyester being uncomfortable are long gone. These fabrics are spun into very smooth very comfortable apparel.

So next time you are in a hot climate like Florida and are thinking about printing custom apparel consider wearing a moisture wicking shirt. There are many brands that offer great quality such as Sport Tek, Team 365, Hanes and many others.

Brian NeSmith
Thread Zone

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