Growing Pains

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Many businesses experience growing pains. The pain comes when we reach some sort of turning point in the business. We must make a decision to stay where we are or take a leap of faith. I am currently experiencing that with Thread Zone. When I started in a garage servicing a few event clients everything was pretty simple and straight forward. Since then we have moved into a small facility, and most recently we decided to add an automatic press. This is where the pain comes. I had to make a decision to take a risk to grow the business. The decision was based on a few factors. First, how can I serve my customers better, second, what is needed to do this, and finally what will it take to get there.

It only makes sense that if we are going to take risks and go through growing pains, we will take our customers brands very seriously. Remember the first question asked in the decision process….how can we serve customers better? Here’s to us being able to help your growth be less painful.

Brian NeSmith
Thread Zone