Why Event Shirts are Important



Some qualifying background.  I have worked in the event industry for 15 years, and I have seen a lot of events come and go.  And what I notice is those event producers that spend money on a quality event shirt reap the benefits of marketing their brand, versus those that purchase the least expensive option.  Allow me to elaborate. 

There are many things an event should spend money to make the event a success.  But making an event a success is also thinking forward.  Will people remember it next year, or do you have to start the marketing process over from scratch.  A quality event shirt is one of the few items and sometimes the only item a person will take with them and use over and over again.  This, of course, creates a walking billboard for your event in the months leading up to the date.  However, if the shirt is cheap and poorly designed, people will simply throw it in a drawer or use it for a rag.

Many event organizers look at a shirt as a necessary expense rather than a marketing investment.  if you don't believe me just look at how many brewery shirts are out and about these days.  The craft brew market has figured this out.  They create not only a fun brand, but a good product and people are walking around doing their advertising for them.  Just this past weekend I learned of a new craft brewery here in Central Florida because of a t-shirt.

So next time you are involved with an event and are considering your budget, remember, the shirt can be worn for years.  But only if a quality shirt is selected and designed.