Fundraising with T-Shirts

I spent some time in the non-profit world.  So I feel I am somewhat familiar with the events that typically take place to help raise money for various causes.  Events that most people are familiar with would include casino nights, 5K runs or charity walks, golf tournaments, etc.  However, there is something that many charities overlook because it's a relatively new idea.  Selling t-shirts as fundraisers.  Think about how many people you see on a daily basis wearing a t-shirt.  Stop and look at it sometime, read the message.

In our age of online platforms, we can now offer non-profits a FREE way to sell shirts online and make money for their cause.  Yes, I said FREE!  Many times people look at this with a skeptical eye, and rightfully so.  We all grew up being told nothing is for free, right? Well, this is!  Now, where are your actual costs? Time and effort is your cost.  We are able to help you set up the online sales portal, we can manage it for you, and produce the product and fulfill to your customers.  However, the client MUST put the marketing effort in to let folks know they can buy. 

It's not an "If You Build It They Will Come" platform.  People must be informed and told over and over again so they know to buy.  We have seen case studies of this program bringing in tens of thousands of dollars if the client really gets behind the effort.  And when it's all over, we show up at your front door with a check.  Yep, just that simple.

So next time you are looking for an out of the box idea, consider selling t-shirts online to support your cause.  You don't have to recruit volunteers for this one :).