What happens to leftover shirts

Any screen print operation will tell you that they have extra shirts lying around.  Not shirts that you probably want but rather shirts that have been damaged, or extras from large orders, etc..  So it's really a hodge podge of shirts.  So what do we do with all of these extras.

There are multiple options to make use of leftover t-shirts, rather than just screen printing them.  We have donated shirts to missions groups to take with them overseas to help those less fortunate that may need clothes.  We also recently donated leftover shirts to a local vacation bible school because they needed shirts to cut up for kids projects.  Many times we use our leftovers as test print shirts when we set up a new job.  We like to test every print before we go into full production to make sure everything looks great!  Then of course there is always using extra shirts as clean up rags.

The bottom line is we do what we can not to be wasteful and to use all of our resources.  Thats good for everyone!