Artwork is key

Many of our customers are first-time folks ordering screen printed apparel.  The first time doesn't mean first time the company orders with us, although that happens too.  But rather the first time the customer is ordering printed apparel.  When we think of printing most people automatically think brochures, flyers, business cards, etc..  And while these are all great items, it's a completely different printing medium and process than apparel.

For the apparel industry, artwork takes on a different meaning.  Although we all want good clean artwork, for apparel we need to convert the art to spot colors and make sure all colors are separated before we can make screens and go to print.  I don't claim to know as much about traditional offset printing (on paper) other than to say the process varies from ours.

As a result, having good clean artwork is key to your design coming out well on your custom printed t-shirts.  That usually means we need what is called Vector artwork.  This is artwork that is typically formatted as .EPS or .AI.  It allows us to manipulate the size and still maintain the integristy of the design.

So remember, when you are considering ordering custom screen printed tee shirts.  Have your designer provide you with artwork that is ready to go to avoid any artwork set up fees from the printer.

Thread Zone does custom printed apparel through screen printing and embroidery.  Call us today for a quote!