Craft Breweries Get It

Low Tide Brewing.jpg

It’s not rocket science, and craft breweries get it. Think about this explosion in craft beer. Most of them started in a garage with some friends just like Crooked Can Brewing Co. When business starts small like this creative ways of marketing come into play. But creative doesn’t mean re-invent the wheel. Creative can usually mean cost effective. So of course this brings us to apparel and promotional items. Betcha knew I was going there didn’t you.

I can’t help but notice all of the local breweries selling t-shirts with their brand on them. And people are actually wearing them everywhere… else do you think I noticed? Recently at a family gathering, a particular family member showed up wearing a local brewery shirt. I was not the only one that asked about the establishment. So hats off to Ivanhoe Park Brewing Co., your shirt worked and had multiple people talking about your business, and by the way, I remembered the name to include in this blog.

It works…….let me say this again… works. Too many people think t-shirts are so simplistic and just push the idea aside. Not breweries though, they know. They know people are social, and they know things like a well designed t-shirt can help start a conversation. They also know they don’t have to break the bank. Most shirts we have observed are only one color prints.

So next time you visit your local craft brewery or attend an event with craft brewery participation, look around and I bet they are selling shirts, and a lot of them.